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difference between 1PL,2PL,3PL,4PL services

What We Are

1PL stands for first party logistics firm or individual that need to transport cargo, goods and other merchandise from one point to another. Means both sender and receiver. 1PL can be any manufacturer, any retailer or distributors etc. It can also be an institution such as any government organization also. So anyone can belong to this who had some goods, which they want to move.

2PL stands for second party logistic. It is an asset-based carrier in which one have means of transportation. Such as airlines which own, lease or charter their planes and truck companies which own or may be others transportation services. So it mainly belongs to transportation systems.

3PL stands for third-party logistic, which provides 'third party' logistics services to companies for part or sometimes all of their supply chain management function. It means the company belongs to this will outsource, and they work as a mediator between the main party and receiver. E.g. DHL, Packers5th

4PL stands for fourth party logistics systems, which is an independent body, own accountability, not depends upon other resources, capabilities, and technology of its own organization. Unlike others company belongs to these categories have their own resources.

What We Offer

Logistic Management

Logistics Outsourcing

Freight Audit Services

Global Trade Services

Logistic Software Services

Customs compliance Services

Our Vision

Our services will change the way you see your supply chain. We are constantly focusing on Logistics goals for you. Bring tonnes of cost savings at the same time strengthen your Global Trade Compliance.

Mission Statement

4PLC is committed to reducing our customer's supply chain cost while bridging any Trade Compliance gaps in your organizations.